add configure options to control support of misc packages

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Feb 19 03:48:52 CST 2006

Mike Frysinger wrote:

> so we're clear, it sounds like you wouldnt accept any patch for this 
> regardless of how it was written ?

I'm not the one who accepts or rejects patches, so it's not me you have 
to convince.  I'm just reviewing your patch.

> imo, the guy building the package knows more about the target features than 
> anyone else, and they should have the power to control what is and isnt 
> enabled ... forcing everyone to build everything they can and hoping that 
> people will report bugs seems like a hack

By adding these options it looks like you're just needlessly 
complicating Wine's build system, and adding a way to hide problems that 
probably don't belong to Wine in the first place.


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