Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Sun Feb 19 11:28:51 CST 2006

Michael King wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking into porting our graphic application language to Linux usign WineLib but
> having some trouble just getting started.
> I downloaded and installed wine-0.9.8-SuSELinux92.i586.rpm for our SUSE 9.2 system and
> then tried to create the 'notepad' program using the instructions given on
> .
> Unfortunately after following the instructions I ended up with a '' not a
> simple ./notepad file.
> Our goal is to create a true executable file, not a ".so" library that needs to be invoked
> using Wine.
> Have the build instructions changed?
> Michael F. King
> PVX Plus Technologies, Ltd.

With winelib, there is no way to make a "true" executable without any 
dependencies on wine;
you could make a wrapper script so that the user does not have to type 
'wine' anymore - this is what winelib used to do, which made the 
'notepad' file in the documentation (that part of the documentation is a 
little out dated I'm affraid)



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