Anyone else seeing problems with 0.9.8 on FreeBSD-6.x ???

Jukka A. Ukkonen jau at
Sun Feb 19 11:19:15 CST 2006

Hello all,

I have seen some potential regressions in Wine-0.9.8 on FreeBSD-6.x.

- Winefile draws garbage in the minimize, full-screen, and close
buttons in the upper right corner of its windows.
- Wine (and obviously also winefile) fail to start a native windows
setup.exe program.

Has anyone else seen similar problems? Is there a known fix?
Could this be somehow depending on real parallelism on
a two processor system?

The program I used to test wine was setup.exe from the game
Pharaoh by Sierra.

It is a relatively long time since I tried wine the previous time,
and the last time I tried was with FreeBSD-4.11 at which time the
threads in wine did not work at all.
So, I cannot really know whether these things I have now seen
failing have ever really worked OK on FreeBSD, but assume as much.
Maybe there are regressions of some sort.

	// jau

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