Segin segin2005 at
Sun Feb 19 18:33:39 CST 2006

Joris Huizer wrote:

> Michael King wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking into porting our graphic application language to Linux 
>> usign WineLib but
>> having some trouble just getting started.
>> I downloaded and installed wine-0.9.8-SuSELinux92.i586.rpm for our 
>> SUSE 9.2 system and
>> then tried to create the 'notepad' program using the instructions 
>> given on
>> .
>> Unfortunately after following the instructions I ended up with a 
>> '' not a
>> simple ./notepad file.
>> Our goal is to create a true executable file, not a ".so" library 
>> that needs to be invoked
>> using Wine.
>> Have the build instructions changed?
>> Michael F. King
>> PVX Plus Technologies, Ltd.
> With winelib, there is no way to make a "true" executable without any 
> dependencies on wine;
> you could make a wrapper script so that the user does not have to type 
> 'wine' anymore - this is what winelib used to do, which made the 
> 'notepad' file in the documentation (that part of the documentation is 
> a little out dated I'm affraid)
> HTH,
> Joris
It would also be suitable to make a psudeo-main which calls all the Wine 
init functions, sets up the wineserver, etc., but doing this in my own 
experience has produced a semiworking loader which is unable to pass any 
arguments to the WinMain() funtion of the program. (the passed arguments 
are literally 0)

You're barking up the wrong tree, and by the way, the little './notepad' 
was a shell script thgat used the 'wine' loader to load the file.

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