Patch: fix for bug #4436 with associated fixes for stream reference counting

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Feb 19 20:42:16 CST 2006

Dr J A Gow wrote:
> FROM:   Dr J A Gow
> PATCH:  Provides fix for bug 4436, some reference counting fixes, and
>         now the IStorage correctly handles the following:
>           - Stream opening when storage was opened in transacted mode
>           - Stream methods called after parent object has been closed
>             correctly return STG_E_REVERTED
>           - Adds conformance test for stream opening in transacted
>             mode

Looks great, however we usually try to keep seperate fixes seperate so 
that regression testing is easier, and to reduce the size and complexity 
of each patch.

If you could split these two patches into one for the transacted 
storage/stream permissions problem, and one for the reference counting 
problem I'm think they'll be committed without further trouble.



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