Anyone else seeing problems with 0.9.8 on FreeBSD-6.x ???

Vitaly Lipatov lav at
Mon Feb 20 04:41:22 CST 2006

В сообщении от 19 февраля 2006 20:19 Jukka A. Ukkonen написал(a):
> Hello all,
> I have seen some potential regressions in Wine-0.9.8 on FreeBSD-6.x.
> - Winefile draws garbage in the minimize, full-screen, and close
> buttons in the upper right corner of its windows.
> - Wine (and obviously also winefile) fail to start a native windows
> setup.exe program.
I got trouble with run setup.exe contains 16-bit code (on FreeBSD 5.4)

Vitaly Lipatov, ALT Linux Team
Russia, Saint-Petersburg,

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