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Thanks for your comments. The issue with using a 'script' file versus a true 'executable'
is really a matter of marketing.

Our Windows product does run under 'wine' however we have clients that don't consider that
acceptable.  We are looking at having a "True" X-Windows / Unix / Linux implementation.

While my background is technical, I understand that much of a products acceptability is
based on market perception.  'Wine' unfortunately is perceived as a emulation, and while
that is far from the truth, it still means people will shy away from it as a solution.

That being said, if we can find a way to launch a 'winelib' developed version of our
system we feel we can prove that 'wine' is the way to go.  Using dynamic (.so) libraries
is a good concept -- I am just trying to find a way to make a 'wine' version of our
product viable for our clients.

Sad isn't it ... we may have to look at alternatives only to satsify the marketplace.
>From what I have seen so far 'wine' is a great product, I just need to convince others
that it's the solution to their requirements.

Mike King

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> On Tuesday 21 February 2006 06:33, Michael King wrote:
> > Thanks for all the help.
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> > Seems to me that wine and winelib may not be the way for us to go.
> >
> > We have a functioning application development language that runs on Windows
> > plus virtually all flavours of Unix/Linux but the only GUI implementation
> > is Windows.  We were looking for an easy way to port the environment to 'X'
> > windows without having to recode all the GUI interfaces.
> Why should it matter that the program builds to a ".so" file and has to be
> launched via a script? Even if it only involved libraries, nobody links to
> static libraries anymore so you would still need external libraries.
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