Boaz Harrosh wine at
Tue Feb 21 02:13:22 CST 2006

Michael King wrote:
> Troy
> Thanks for your comments. The issue with using a 'script' file versus a true 'executable'
> is really a matter of marketing.

Than you'll have to do like my father did. ;-)
Look in the source tree, You'll see that wine is just wineloader and the 
real wine is wine-kthread/wine-pthread. Hack on wineloader, first call 
it what you like than you can hard-code the Winlib to load. Don't forget 
to force WINEPREFIX to your installation so it will not conflict with 
the user's regular wine. And the source to that "Mywineloader" will have 
to be served with code. (LGPL)

Free Life

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