WineD3D refcounting fun part II :)

H. Verbeet hverbeet at
Thu Feb 23 18:07:17 CST 2006

O right. From the conversation on IRC I got the impression the issue
was the application calling the device's Release before calling the
surface's Release. Similar to the Surface / Texture issue. On windows
that should work, on wine it will probably fail at the moment.

Releasing the device after all its children are deleted should work
though, and it might simply be a matter of the object (be it a surface
or something else) not releasing its references to the device properly
upon deletion.

I also suspect there might be a couple of circular references in the
form of device->stateblock->object->device, but I haven't had time to
really look into that yet. I *think* wined3d shouldn't keep references
to objects in the device's Set* methods, but I remember that when I
removed them in IWineD3DDeviceImpl_SetVertexShader Oliver put them
back again in a later patch for some reason.

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