Palm Desktop conduits through Wine?

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Feb 24 12:38:55 CST 2006

Am Freitag, 24. Februar 2006 04:29 schrieb Rich Gilson:
> Has there every been any luck/attempts at running Palm Desktop conduits
> through wine?  I'd drop Palm Desktop altogether, but I have Documents-To-Go
> and Passwords Plus, which both only run through Palm Desktop.
You can write a sort of Palm Desktop replacement, which loads the conduit dlls 
and offers the Palm Desktop API to them. The calls can be forwarded to a 
Linux app, e.g. pilot-link. This way you can replace Palm Desktop by 
pilot-link + a Winelib app which links the conduit and pilot-link. I think 
such a program/lib would be out of Wine's scope, as Palm Desktop isn't a part 
of Windows, instead it would belong more to pilot-link. I've played with this 
idea some time ago, but I dropped it because of a lack of time.

Palm Desktop sort of works in Wine. You can't run the Palm.exe app, but 
hotsync works. USB doesn't work, but you can do a network sync. Configure 
your palm to sync with, tell hotsync to listen to that port, and 
start pi-nredir(part of pilot-link) to forward the USB connection to the 

Installing Palm Desktop is not easy, because you need to install MSIE 6. 
Documents-To-Go needed a native Microsoft Installer the last time I installed 
it. This was a few months ago, so this is most likely not true today. (If you 
search the mailing list archives, you'll find a more detailed description)

Syncing works quite good, the biggest problem I found was that DocsToGo 
doesn't support the OpenOffice formats, so I had to convert all documents to 
the MS Office format and vice versa. The ultimate solution would be a 
replacement for the DocsToGo application which understands OpenDocument. Or 
to ask DataViz for a Linux converter ;)
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