DirectX 8 test: Gothic 2 on wine

Sebastian Schlingmann sebastian.schlingmann at
Sat Feb 25 04:38:58 CST 2006

Am Sat, 25 Feb 2006 02:13:22 +0100
schrieb Olaf Leidinger <leidola at>:

> Hello List!
> Gothic2 seems to start working with wine. Well - as long as you
> disable sound in system/gothic.ini. 
> There are some issues with DirectDraw/Direct3D I'd like to report
> (not sure if they are known):
>  - most textures are missing
>  - everything is really dark (I have to set gamma to 2.5 (via xgamma
> -gamma 2.5) )
>  - fonts are missing/crippled
> I took some pictures and put it together with a log on a simple
> webpage. Please have a look at 
> Thanks a lot for your attention,
> Ciao,
> Olaf Leidinger

The sound problem might be quite a lot of work to fix. 
You can get sound working when you use the following native dll's:


The crash seems to happen inside dmstyle/dmime:

(0x7fd35148, GUID_IDirectMusicStyle, 0xffffffff, 0, 0, (nil), 0x7a4fa0)
(0x7fd35738, GUID_IDirectMusicStyle, 0, (nil), 0x7a4fa0): stub

When you look at the status of the dmusic related dlls on winehq they could use a lot more work. But Gothic seems to use some more exotic functions...

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