[wininet] More wininet tests InternetQueryOption and InternetSetOption - Corrected

Detlef Riekenberg wine.dev at web.de
Sun Feb 26 18:40:13 CST 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 22.02.2006, 23:13 +0530 schrieb Vijay Kiran Kamuju: 
> Any thing wrong with this patch.
> Any Comments (expecting a lot)

As you asked me, i took a look on this Patch.

For my winspool-Patches, i was told to check the documented behavior and
only check undocumented behavior, when an Application relies on this
undocumented effect.
It's of course a good Idea, to print as much Informations as possible,
when a test Failed (err in your case).

When i add a new Test, I add a trace after every tested API-Call,
compile the Test on linux with the mingw-crosstools as Windows-Binary
(make -C dlls/your_dllname_here/tests crosstest) and run that Binary on
all Windows-Versions that I have. After an update to the Parameter and
the Text for ok(), I do the tests on Windows again.
Then I test that Binary on wine. When there are no Failures left, i
remove the traces, compile again, test again, and after a final test in
wine with (make -C dlls/your_dllname_here/tests test), the diff is

- Your Test did not apply here, so i merged the patch by cut & paste.
  (malformed Patch)

- I get 5 Failures on wine. (make -C dlls/wininet/tests test)

+  hinet = InternetOpenA(useragent,INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT,NULL,NULL,
+  ok((hinet != 0x0),"InternetOpen Failed\n");

- Please use (hinet != NULL) here, or is MSDN wrong (value / pointer)? 

- Does the other tests work, when InternetOpenA failed, or is it more
  useful to return from the test here?

+  SetLastError(0xdeadbeef);
+  retval=InternetSetOptionA(hinet,INTERNET_OPTION_USER_AGENT, &inagent,
+  err=GetLastError();
+  ok(retval == 1,"Got wrong return value %d\n",retval);
+  ok(err == 0xdeadbeef, "Got wrong error code %ld\n",err);

For the Example above, my Idea is:
 ok(retval, "returned %d with %ld (expected '!= 0')\n", retval, err);

+  len=0;
+  SetLastError(0xdeadbeef);
+  buffer=HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(),0,len);
+  retval =
+  err=GetLastError();
+  ok(buffer != NULL,"Output Buffer Should Not be Set");
+  todo_wine ok(len == 38,"Got wrong user agent length %ld instead of %d

- You use HeapAlloc with a len of 0 and than the test "buffer != NULL":
  This is a Test for HeapAlloc
- InternetQueryOptionW is not implemented in win95/98/me
- Please avoid fixed numbers. When someone changes the Agent-Name,
  the complete Test must be reworked.

For the tests of the W-Functions:
I was told, that i should test the Unicode-Functions only, when there
are other results as from the ANSI-Version. Since our ANSI -
Implementations should call the Unicode-Function, the ANSI-Test
validates both Implementations.
(Yes, i knew that the Implementation in wine is sometimes wrong: we have
Crosscalls W->A and some Unicode-Functions are stubs while the
ANSI-Versions are implemented)

+  WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP,0,(WCHAR *)buffer,-1,tmpbuffer,len,0,0);
+ todo_wine ok(!strcmp(inagent,tmpbuffer),"Got wrong user agent string %
s instead of %s\n",tmpbuffer,inagent);

- This Test failed on Windows XP

+ retval = InternetSetOptionW(NULL,INTERNET_OPTION_USER_AGENT,
&inpbuffer, sizeof(inpbuffer));
You use ANSI-Parameter for an UNICODE-Function.

You can take a look at the Tests for winspool/GetPrinterDriverDirectory
- A test with the documented use to get the required size for the Buffer
- A test with documented use (all Options valid)
- Buffer is larger (must succeed)
- Buffer is to small (must fail with a specific ERROR_*)
  (Other Functions may truncate the returned Data)
- without a buffer (NULL), but with the correct buffersize.
  This is for testing the API, when the app was unable to allocate
  the Buffer, but did not check the Result of the allocation.

So there are some Reasons, why the test is not Ready yet.

I read the Docs about InternetQueryOption on MSDN and IMHO there are so
many Documented values for dwOption, that I suggest to start with a
testing-table and fill it with all of our implemented Options for
InternetQueryOption / InternetSetOption.
We have then a complete Test of our wininet-Implementation with only a
small amount of code. The Table can grow very easy, when Applications
use Options that we need to implement.

By By ...
      ... Detlef

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