DirectX 8 test: Gothic 2 on wine

Raphael fenix at
Mon Feb 27 02:16:39 CST 2006

> The sound problem might be quite a lot of work to fix.
> You can get sound working when you use the following native dll's:
> dmime
> dmsynth
> dmstyle
> dmusic
> The crash seems to happen inside dmstyle/dmime:
> fixme:dmime:IDirectMusicSegment8Impl_IDirectMusicSegment8_GetParam
> (0x7fd35148, GUID_IDirectMusicStyle, 0xffffffff, 0, 0, (nil), 0x7a4fa0)
> fixme:dmstyle:IDirectMusicChordTrack_IDirectMusicTrack_GetParam
> (0x7fd35738, GUID_IDirectMusicStyle, 0, (nil), 0x7a4fa0): stub
> When you look at the status of the dmusic related dlls on winehq they could
> use a lot more work. But Gothic seems to use some more exotic functions...

Well IDirectMusicTrack_GetParam are not implemented at all ti's normal to 
crash :)

But why a ddraw (ie DirectX7 game) use DMusic (DirectX8) ? 

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