Wine on AIX 5.2 (PowerPC)

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Jan 1 10:52:33 CST 2006

ghart at wrote:
> My goal is to port some Windows apps to AIX, so I decided to take as
> much Wine (winelib) as I could to help me.  Initially I thought only
> a small portion would be suitable, but after a few weeks of work I have
> all the dlls/libs compiled (as simple AIX .so's)


> My first question is: has anyone tried this before?
I don't know about AIX; somebody from CA asked about it
last year.

But there are a few folks using Winelib with alternate
OS's and CPUs.  Perhaps some of them would be able to
help you past some of the rough spots.

A few links from a quick google search:

Robert Lunnon got a Solaris/X86 port working; see
And various people are using Winelib on Solaris/Sparc; see
And then there are the folks building Wine for Darwin.

Good luck, and do keep us posted!  I bet you're not the
only one who wants this.
- Dan
Wine for Windows ISVs:

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