winecfg: Added "Use PRIMARY selection" option

Phil Krylov phil at
Sun Jan 1 11:49:07 CST 2006


On Fri, 30 Dec 2005 12:43:56 +0100
Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> wrote:

> > Added support for "Use PRIMARY selection" clipboard option.
> One question: Why not make this the default? This would be the unix way to use 
> the clipboard.

It would be OK for me, but probably there was some reason why it has not
been made the default. Does someone know it?

> Or use the primary selection on a middle mouse button click, 
> and the other clipboard value on paste / CTRL-V? This is the behavior I'm 
> used to from native apps. Is this possible?

But Windows apps may be using the middle button for other actions, and
besides that we'd need to add a Wine-specific window message which would be
posted on a middle-click instead of WM_PASTE, and some other
infrastructure. I don't think it would go well with the design concepts of

-- Ph.

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