Registry entries for serial ports not created

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sun Jan 1 15:37:57 CST 2006

Sunday, January 1, 2006, 1:36:52 PM, Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi!
>   I was trying to utilize a program for updating mobile phone's firmware (for
> Siemens/Benq mobiles, just an original app with encapsulated firmware image).
>   This program immediately told that there are no serial ports present in my
> machine and terminated. After a bit of seeking in my own memory and wine list
> mail archive I remembered that there should be some registry entries which
> a program can examine and get some basic info about the ports.
>   In an old mail I found something, which I converted to the following
> registry entry and put to system.reg file:

> [Hardware\\Devicemap\\Serialcomm] 1015709345
> "Serial0"="COM1"
> "Serial1"="COM2"
> "Serial2"="COM3"
> "Serial3"="COM4"

Hm must be a win9x format. Because on winNT+ it's
"\Device\Serial0"="COM1" - exactly as symlinks in \??\.

>   I think this should go to the standard system.reg by default, maybe in the
> reduced form with just the first two ports. Together with correct links in
> .wine/dosdevices, it makes that the program can really find the port.

I personally don't like dosdevices idea - we now have the more correct
way to do it (in the object manager). But these registry keys could be
the place to configure serial port mappings. But I do not like idea
creating "fake" entries here. Who knows I might not have serial ports at
all (like many new laptops).

>   And at the end: How to create such a registry entry by wine's regedit ?
>   I've spent about 15 minutes trying to do so but I've failed and then edited
> the file manually. Any attempt to create a "folder" called Serialcomm in
> Hardware\\Devicemap was unsuccessfull; I didn't find how to create a "folder"
> for keys, and using "Add key" menu entry I always got an error dialog saying
> "A subkey must be volatile". What does it mean ?
>                              With regards, Pavel Troller

"Volatile" means that these keys will not be saved. And you have to
create them with that flag set (which regedit can not do).
So what you did is pretty much the only way right now to do that.


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