winecfg: Problems with audio configuration

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Jan 2 20:20:19 CST 2006

Monday, January 2, 2006, 5:26:57 PM, Robert Reif wrote:
> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>>Monday, January 2, 2006, 2:55:38 PM, Robert Reif wrote:

>>I had one person who had winecfg crash each time he went to audio tab.
>>Installing arts & esd didn't help - same result. It was a pre-compiled
>>If such a crash would happen what would you be interested in? (what debug
>>channels, system information, etc.?)
> We need enough information to determine where the problem is.  The problem
> could be a kernel driver problem (broken hardware and/or software), a sound
> system problem (oss, alsa, arts, esd,...), a distribution problem 
> (kernel version
> and configuration),  a wine driver bug or missing feature, or a wine 
> direct sound
> or winmm bug or missing feature, or even an application assumption problem.
> The problem is really complex due to the large number of variables and the
> potential for multiple failures.

Yeah I do realize that it could be anything... We just need to present it
in a way that's doable by users <g>
Will relay log would be enough? Lets say last 300 lines before the crash?

>>>>This makes it hard for any first timer to configure wine. Especially
>>>>knowing that most people will have to change hardware acceleration to
>>>>"emulation" and they will not be able to do so.
>>>This is a good example of a workaround for a broken driver, soundcard,
>>>or driver/soundcard configuration.  The same is also true for Windows
>>>where this same workaround works the same way there for broken
>>Well I'm not sure how about other configurations, but on mine I can not
>>set it to anything else with any driver I have. My system is nForce 2
>>with ALSA HW drivers.
> You probably have a fixed frequency/format soundcard and the application
I think that's what nForce2 is.
> doesn't bother to set the primary buffer format or sets it to an unsupported
> setting.  You can either reconfigure ALSA to use dmix or plughw or use
Have that now (both). But I think the problem with something else... I
don't remember who that was, but several months ago he sent a test patch
here for dsound & alsa (1st patch, not 2nd). With that patch I could
select "Full" for all but one program I've tested. I wander what happened
to those patches?

> a patch I submitted to  wine-bugs to fix a foobar2000 problem.  This is
> either a configuration  issue or an application that doesn't support
> wines windows 95 assumptions.  It  could also be a hardware/driver issue.
Yeah I'm not sure here really. I don't know enough to tell where the
problem is and what looks right and what isn't.


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