issues compiling ReactOS newdev on wine

Boaz Harrosh wine at
Tue Jan 3 03:14:54 CST 2006

Mike McCormack wrote:
>> Secondly, what the whole story with WCHARs? Why do
>> L"Unicode string" type strings work in wine apps but
>> not in winelibs?
> Some compilers do not support L"string".  Older versions of gcc assume 
> a wide character is 32 bytes, not 16.  For compatibility with those 
> older compilers, we are restricted to using array initializers for 
> WCHAR strings.
In my opinion this is most unfortunate.
1. These Older versions of ... are none existent. I have never actually 
encountered them. Say I, some one that has one actually used.
2. It should take 10 minutes to write a Perl (/pick your script) script 
that pre-parses the code and changes any occurrence of above to arrays. 
And if it is slower than the user can take the time and do 3.
3. If a supported platform is identified that absolutely does not 
support compilation of 16-bit chars. We can make available gcc patches 
that do.
4. ./configure should check for it and add the proper make magic
5. winegcc since it was compiled with the same compiler can make it all 

But in no way do I see why we have to throw away good code for bad one. 
Why do a compiler job?

Free Life

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