run jboss with a mde file as source

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at
Tue Jan 3 11:49:30 CST 2006

Curro Amores wrote:

> hi:
> i want to run jboss in linux and connect to an Ms Access odbc source.

Hmm... I would think twice before trying to run a J2EE application that 
reads data from an MS Access database, regardless of operating system. 
Have you considered how well Access scales for many users? How about 
locking between different simultaneous users? In addition, JBoss runs on 
Java, and Java is supposed to be cross-platform. You might want to take 
the extra step of porting your database to another DBMS, such as MySQL, 
PostgreSQL, or even Oracle (if you have the $$$). If your DBMS must be 
all-Microsoft, you can still prepare a SQL-Server and connect to it from 
Linux with FreeTDS ( and ODBC.

> I think it doesnt exist odbc driver for Access in Linux. I Have read 
> something about ODBC-ODBC but i think it is for accessing a mde file 
> in a windows machine from linux.
In a limited sense, there is a way: MDB Tools 
( However, SQL/ODBC support is 
read-only, last time I checked, and in addition, the emphasis is on 
getting data out of MDBs in order to put it in another DBMS, not to use 
MDBs in a daily basis.

> I have created the bridge with ODBC in wine (using the control pane 
> with winetools)
> Then i have tried to run jboss windows version (run.bat) with wcmd but 
> i got a message that run.jar file cant not be found.

That is because it is looking for a java.exe, the Windows version of java.

> Do i have to install java windows version with wine?

> I have tried as well but the installation crashes
> Any idea?
If, after what I said about thinking it twice, you *still* need to make 
a Windows version of Java run a J2EE with MS-Access inside Wine, then 
you might need to 1) install MDAC manually, not via winetools, and 2) 
file a bug report with a crash log when installing the Windows version 
of Java in Wine.

> thanks
Alex Villacís Lasso

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