Question regarding the Wine Vs WineLib performance

Ananth M mekaananth at
Wed Jan 4 00:01:46 CST 2006

Hi All,

       This question is related to the performance of wine using wine and

        I have a win32 program that uses a dll. I am checking the timing  to
execute a  function  that is exported  by the dll

        I wanted to execute this program in Linux  (using wine and WineLib)
and check the performance.

        When I executed the win32 program in Linux using
                  wine <win32program>
         The execution time of the function exported by the dll is as same
as in direct execution of the program in windows

         Then I converted the dll into .so and compiled and linked this .so
with win32 program using WineLib and Wineg++
         The timing that was taken to execute the function exported by the
dll ( through .so ) is almost two times, compread with executing using wine.

         Does any one has any reference for further investigation on this
problem or any information

Thank you
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