Licensing question

Dominic Wise dominic.wise at
Wed Jan 4 09:29:22 CST 2006

I have a question regarding the use of portions of Wine in a commercial
application. Sorry if this is not the right place to post but I am not
sure who I can directly address this to.

The application my employer develops is a financial application designed
to work on Win 2K and Win XP, but we have a need for a Win32 function
that is only supported in XP (TzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTime). We could
write an implementation of this function ourselves for Win 2K but I have
noticed that there is a full implementation in Wine.

Is it permissible to use the source for this function in our
application? If so, what provisions do we need to make with regard to
recognition of Wine and supply of source code to our customers ? 

I am currently trying to demonstrate the benefits of Open Source
technology to my employer (I have already replaced one proprietary
third-party component in our application with a better Open Source
implementation) and this could really help to move this process along.

Longer-term, I want to try and get the application running on Wine, but
that's another story.



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