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Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jan 4 09:44:14 CST 2006

dominic.wise at wrote:
> The application my employer develops is a financial
> application designed to work on Win 2K and Win XP, but we
> have a need for a Win32 function that is only supported in
> XP (TzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTime). We could write an
> implementation of this function ourselves for Win 2K but
> I have noticed that there is a full implementation in Wine.
> Is it permissible to use the source for this function in
> our application?

That function, along with all of Wine, is LGPL'd.  Thus to use
it in a proprietary app, you just have to put it in its own DLL.

> If so, what provisions do we need to make
> with regard to recognition of Wine and supply of source
> code to our customers ?

You need to provide the source code for the LGPL'd DLL you ship.
Have a look at the terms of the LGPL for details:

Good luck with your project!
- Dan

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