Implementing SYS-files for Wine

Anton Litvinov (wine_user) antony at
Mon Jan 9 07:03:33 CST 2006

I want to run a proprietary program which does the following things:

 fh = CreateFileA("C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\BIOSMAP.SYS", ...);
 dh = CreateFileA("\\.\BIOSMAP", ...);
 r  = DeviceIoControl(dh, 0x10000000, ...);

On recieving 0x10000000 code BIOSMAP maps BIOS content 
(brand, creation date, etc) to some area and returns
address of one null-terminated string from it to main program.

Is there a way to re-implement a SYS-file (so that main program 
would run w/o any change) like it's done with some VXD's in Wine-tree?
Can I get some examples?

Hope to get your answer,
Anton Litvinov

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