Please read: Wine(HQ) needs a reorganization (AppDB, Bugzilla, etc.)

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Jan 9 21:26:48 CST 2006

S. Schauenburg wrote:
> On IRC we started a chat on #WineHQ and discussed how to improve Wine.
> There were comments made and I wanted to summarize them and ask for
> your opinion.

My comments:

* It would be nice to have a checkbox:

   [x] "installs and works with Wine and a fresh ~/.wine"

  This is the most valuable kind of application for regression testing, 
and the target Wine should aim for.  Apps that require copying windows 
dlls into ~/.wine and tweaking the configuration are prone to breaking, 
and the breakage tells us little about Wine regressions, especially as 
it's not always recorded which set of native dlls/configuration the app 
worked with.

Secondly encouraging users to use windows dlls reduces the chances that 
they will find and report bugs with the Wine dlls, or that they will 
figure out that their application works without those dlls.

* Minor problems with the app screenshots

  The screenshots screen (eg. [1]) has too many boxes and requires too 
many clicks to see a screenshot.  IMO, it would be a little cleaner to 
just show the first screenshot here, and have a [<<prev] and [next>>] 
link or quick index.

Other than that, the App DB looks great, and it's great work :)



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