Need help to fix a failing test

Kai Blin blin at
Tue Jan 10 17:57:12 CST 2006

Hi folks,

As far as I can see, secur32 tests are failing on all windows platforms
right now. (

Now, this seems to be due to the following:
main.c:475: Test failed: cbMaxToken for NTLM is 1904, not 12000.

I'm pretty sure that I got the 12000 from my win2k system when I
compiled the test code there using the platform sdk that was current
this july. Now, I have no clue where the 1904 comes from, but if windows
really uses a cbMaxToken of 1904, I need to fix that in my code (I
couldn't use the 12000 I thought I had to implement before due to
implementation restrictions. I can easily work with 1904, if those are

Still, I'm sure I didn't pull the 12000 out of my sleeve. Could I ask
someone who runs msvc and a platform sdk to build the secur32 tests, run
them on any windows box and send the results to me?

Thanks in advance,

Kai Blin, (blin at gmx dot net)
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