[wined3d] Status update: Converting Wined3d to use WGL instead of GLX

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Thu Jan 12 05:09:27 CST 2006

> The other option is for me to wait for all d3d and ddraw stuff to be ported
> to wined3d before merging my wgl stuff, but my stuff is already done and
> who knows when the ddraw/d3d stuff will be completely ported to wined3d.
I guess that will slow down the process terribly.

> Another scenario would be to port to wined3d just the ddraw/d3d* functions
> that use glX directly.  I haven't looked into this though, so it may not
> even be possible.
I don't expect this to work, at least not without much modification to the 
WineD3D initialization code.

The problem is that we are doing a lot of redundant work here. Oliver is 
working in d3d8, I'm working on ddraw, and you are working on moving all of 
them to wgl. At least your work on ddraw and d3d8 would be for nothing in the 
long term, and could be avoided with a better cooperation.

One way would be to remove all WineD3D dependancy from today's ddraw and d3d8, 
so they remain untouched until Oliver and I replace them. But if ddraw is 
really affected by changes to WineD3D, allthough it shouldn't to my 
knowledge, this might be a more subtile problem.

How about creating a temponary fork of the whole tree, so we can submit all 
our patches there without breaking wine. There's no need for this tree to 
work for any game at first, so broken patches are no problem. Once our 
patches coexist nicely, we can introduce them to main cvs.
(The danger is, of course, that the differences take overhand and the forking 
can't be undone any more)

What do you think about this?

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