Mozilla ActiveX Control -- Browser not in a valid state

Jacek Caban jacek at
Thu Jan 12 17:06:51 CST 2006


Phil Lodwick wrote:
> Before I start digging deeper, I was hoping somebody might have some insight
> to lead me down the correct path.
Well, you can't do much with Mozilla ActiveX Control on Wine side...
However the plan is to get rid of Wine's dependency on it. Currently
MSHTML is implemented on top of Gecko (it can use Gecko from
Mozilla ActiveX Control installation) and there is an implementation
of WebBrowser on top of MSHTML. It's currently very incomplete,
but, in some cases, it may work better than Mozilla ActiveX (eg. in
Picasa). You may want to try it out. To do so you should install Mozilla
ActiveX and then remove key
and click "no" in the dialog asking if to install Mozilla ActiveX Control
(it's installed, but shdocvw can't find it).

You may find a bit more about this on the Wiki:

BTW: That's the thing that I encourage to try if an app doesn't work with
Mozilla ActiveX Control. I'm interested in any reports of successes, but
I don't expect much yet.


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