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On 1/13/06, Rolf Kalbermatter <rolf.kalbermatter at citeng.com> wrote:
> This solution has been starting to form in my mind as well. It is even
> portable to MSVC it seems with a few small modifications to winapi/msvcmaker.

I came up with a much more generic solution that will work on all
compilers and does not cause a dependancy issue. It requires some
minor code adjustments and there is a slight issue if you have errors
in linking. The error location is wrong so you need to have a way to
disable this if you have a real error to track the problem down, but
once I fixed ReactOS shell32.dll to use my hack my compile times on
gcc4 went from 30+ secs down to 9sec. MSVC went from 22 to less than 1

In short each module would have its own autogenerated master C file
that would include all of the others like the one I have attached.
Minus the #define hacks. I personally think its more of a nasty hack
but a configure switch could be added like


Because each header is only processed once, it give the same effect as PCH.

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