Regression in ntdll/virtual.c

Markus Gömmel m.goemmel at
Fri Jan 13 10:48:33 CST 2006

I mentioned that the setup program of AstroWorld will not work any longer 
since a few days. Regression testing resulted in the change of 
ntdll/virtual.c between 3.1.06 and 4.1.06. I didn't find any related entry 
in wine.patches, so here is the diff result:

> #include <sys/stat.h>
> struct stat st;
> if (fstat( fd, &st ) == -1)
> {
> status = FILE_GetNtStatus();
> goto error;
> }
> if (header_size > st.st_size) goto error;
< if (map_file_into_view( view, fd, sec->VirtualAddress, file_size, 
> end = sec->PointerToRawData + file_size;
> if (sec->PointerToRawData >= st.st_size || end > st.st_size || end < 
> sec->PointerToRawData ||
> map_file_into_view( view, fd, sec->VirtualAddress, file_size, 
> sec->PointerToRawData,

The program can be downloaded for free at 
Simply select "AW2001 v.6.2 (English)" in the first selection box and press 
"Download Demo". With the new version of aw61eng.exe it stuck somewhere at 
22% with an error message like "~TMD61.tmp" is not a Win32 binary". With the 
old version the setup run ok.

Thanks and regards

Markus Gömmel
m.goemmel at 

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