Problem with older wgl patch

Tim Savannah kata198 at
Fri Jan 13 12:17:45 CST 2006

On the newest wine, trying to start opengl programs such as World of
Warcraft yields an error such as this:

trace:opengl:wine_glCullFace (1029)
trace:opengl:wine_glMatrixMode (5889)
trace:opengl:wine_glLoadMatrixf (0x7fbafbb8)
trace:opengl:wglMakeCurrent (0x368,0x7fd7b7d0)
trace:opengl:create_glxpixmap return 1800054
trace:opengl:wglMakeCurrent  make current for dis 0x7c01baf8, drawable
0x1800054, ctx 0x7c1c01d8
X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
  Major opcode of failed request:  144 (GLX)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  13 (X_GLXCreateGLXPixmap)
  Serial number of failed request:  412
  Current serial number in output stream:  413

I don't know enough about wgl to offer any suggestions to the problem, other
than the source seems to be this patch:

Reverting that patch and adding

+  DWORD type = GetObjectType(hdc);

where that patch placed it in the file allows opengl to work again.
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