RFC: implementation of driver functionality in msacm (RESEND)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 14 08:09:21 CST 2006

> ... then I need new glasses :-)
> I examined the DRVCONFIGINFO structure prepared by native msacm32.dll to 
> codecs, in particular the dwDCISize field. Even when the sum of all 
> fields in the structure declaration yields 12 bytes, dwDCISize holds a 
> value of 16 when supplied by native msacm32.dll. So, I used the same 
> value in order to mimic native as close as possible.
lend me your glasses, please
but, it means then than msacm32 sends a 16 bit structure, likely by 
extending DRVCONFIGINFO and adding a new field
it's a bad thing IMO to pass 16 for the size, and not store a good value 
at offset 16.
Eric Pouech

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