Bug 4289: Debugging and dissasembly

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Sat Jan 14 08:54:57 CST 2006

James Trotter wrote:

>     0x007ab8e6: pushl       %eax
>     0x007ab8e7: call        *0x8(%edx)
>     0x007ab8ea: movl        %ebp,0x8(%esi)
>     0x007ab8ed: movl        0x4(%esi),%eax
>     0x007ab8f0: pushl       %eax
>     0x007ab8f1: movl        0x0(%eax),%ecx

This very much looks like a use-after-free bug. The first two 
instructions are probably a COM *_Release call. Judging by the fact that 
this is a regression I would also guess that it is a Wine object. Also, 
by knowing that it is a game it is probably a DirectDraw, Direct3D or 
DirectSound object. Try turning on tracing for these and seeing what it 
turns up. If you see a decrement to 0 just before the crash then the 
theory is probably correct.

Rob Shearman

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