Valgrind and wine (was: re: Bug 4289: Debugging and dissasembly)

Robert Shearman rob at
Sat Jan 14 11:31:06 CST 2006

Dan Kegel wrote:

>Rob wrote:
>>This very much looks like a use-after-free bug. The first two
>>instructions are probably a COM *_Release call. Judging by the fact that
>>this is a regression I would also guess that it is a Wine object.
>This sounds like a job for valgrind!
>But, er, does valgrind still work with wine?  Rob said it did in March:
>It was too hard for one guy back in July:
>but that was probably because he didn't see Rob's message from March.
>Maybe we need to put better instructions on how to use
>Valgrind with Wine on or, dare I suggest it,
>bundle valgrind with Wine so anybody could easily use it
>be setting WINEDEBUG=+valgrind or something like that...

Valgrind 3.1.0 works with Wine with no Wine modifications needed. 
However, one patch to valgrind is required to generate meaningful 
backtraces and I've attached it to this message - I guess I should 
report this to the valgrind developers.

Rob Shearman

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