Repackaging Mozilla ActiveX control to include MSVCP60.DLL?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Jan 15 00:00:03 CST 2006

The Mozilla ActiveX control download feature is cool
and all, but until we repackage the sucker to include
MSVCP60.DLL to fix
it's going to leave a lot of users scratching their
heads as to why it keeps asking where its files are.

I could have sworn I saw somebody post a note
saying they had done said repackaging, but I
can't find it now...

Can somebody take care of this?  It's kind of important.
I would, but I'm zooming around getting my CS 130 project
going, preparing a couple talks for Scale 4x, chasing after
my two year old, and trying to hold down my day job...

For the curious, my slids for the cs130 kickoff talk are
up at
I chose "add a feature to riched20.dll " as the
basic task the students will be trying to carry out.
No idea yet how it'll work out.
- Dan

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