Repackaging Mozilla ActiveX control to include MSVCP60.DLL?

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Jan 15 07:37:25 CST 2006

Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> Hi! I was Just wondering. Is there at all a MinGW build system for the 
> "Mozilla ActiveX control"? I guess not so the Question is:
> Any body knows what are the Main hurdles for that? Is that mainly COM 
> TLB(s) related? or there are other problems?

There's a bug in's bugzilla [1] to get Mozilla to compile 
with GCC/MingW on Windows, which is a related problem.

One problem is that there's currently no working open source replacement 
for MIDL.EXE, though Wine's widl seems to be improving gradually thanks 
mainly to Rob's work.



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