HW address w/o connection in iphlpapi

Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 00:58:54 CST 2006

Hi Michael,

> When you boot a linux box without an ethernet connection, and eth0
> configuration fails, GetAdaptersInfo does not return MAC address info
> for eth0.
> The problem seems to be that enumerateInterfaces (in
> dlls/iphlpapi/ifenum.c) doesn't create a record for eth0, because
> SIOCGIFCONF doesn't return one.

Mmm.  Yeah, I think an alternative to SIOCGIFCONF might be the thing. 
getifaddrs is pretty nice, and it has the additional advantage that it can
support IPv6, which SIOCGIFCONF does not.  I'm not certain whether it
returns "down" interfaces or not, but we can hope so.  Unfortunately it's
not universally available; when I wrote this code at least, it wasn't
around on Debian, though that's since changed.  So a configure check and
an ifdef would probably be in order.

> Near as I can tell (and I am no networking guru by any stretch)
> GetAdaptersInfo is supposed to return MAC info for eth0, even if eth0
> has no IP address.

You're correct, this is a Wine bug.

> PS: I cc'd Juan Lang who is noted as the author of the code. I hope that
> isn't bad etiquette...?

I prefer it in fact.

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