HW address w/o connection in iphlpapi

Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 01:07:13 CST 2006

> Dang. It doesn't work for down devices.
> When I run strace on a program
> that uses getifaddrs, the socket is opened with IPROTO_IP:
> ioctl(14, 0x8912, 0x2084d3a8)           = 0

That's SIOCGIFCONF.  So it looks like getifaddrs isn't doing anything
different than SIOCGIFCONF, at least on Linux.

> I can't figure out what these ioctls are either...?

Take a look at <linux/sockios.h>

> I'll keep digging, but if you have any clues I would love to hear them!

ifconfig -a reports down interfaces.  It may just process /proc/net/dev.


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