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Eric POUECH eric.pouech at
Wed Jan 18 10:47:38 CST 2006

why don't you guys use stg (stacked git)
it allows you to manage a set of patches, with features like :
- re-edit an existing one (basically, you push/pull a set of patches from a stack, and decide which one to use)
- you get the upside of git, without the down side (ie a commit is done only once) (but you can still commit a patch - in git sense ; but you'll get back Mike's first point about pull/fetch discussion)
- you don't need to rebase (it does it for you)
- you don't need to coalesce patches (as you can reedit an existing one)
- it's compatible with some other tools (like qgit)

basically, I switched to stg - on top of git - when I got my tree messed up twice by updates...
If you go for stg, I also recommend the bash completion extension which is very helpful (for patch name's management)

my 2 cents

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> Mike McCormack wrote:
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> > Hi GIT users,
> >
> > The GIT guys have made rebase and pull incompatible, and to use rebase 
> > (which is likely what we want to do for Wine), you must use "fetch" 
> > then "rebase", not "pull" (which does a merge).
> And on a slightly related note, I wrote a script which works kinda like 
> rebase (and is based on the old version of rebase) that allows you to 
> coalesce two patches in your tree. This is useful in two situations:
> 1. You commit a new feature and then realise after some extensive 
> testing that there is a bug, so you commit a fix, don't want to send the 
> two separate patches to wine-patches (maybe to save face :-), or maybe 
> to reduce noise).
> 2. You revert a patch in your tree but don't want both the revert and 
> the old patch in your patch queue as shown by git-format-patch or by 
> Mike's mm-send-patch.
> Note that the first commit chronologically must be the first commit on 
> the command line.
> -- 
> Rob Shearman
> >
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