[Bug 3095] ID Collisions in menus

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Wed Jan 18 16:54:37 CST 2006

>Again, the very first thing I'd suggest to do is to write a comprehensive
>case and send it to wine-patches with appropriate todo_wine statements to
>it pass. Then we could see exact steps which lead to a failure and could
>thinking of a possible fix.

Attached is a set of tests which try to exercise locating via the id
parameter when there is a collision between a popup (id == hMenu) and a menu

As far as I cal tell if a non-popup exists anywhere in the menu then it is
returned, and only if none are found then the popup itself is returned. Can
anyone think of any tests I can use to prove or disprove this beyond what is
in the attached patch?

My current though on solving this would be to remember any matching popup
match but not return it, only using the remembered value if we exit the
search having found no matching ids. Anyone object before I submit?


Tests for bug#3095 where the menu is incorrect because of duplication of a
Menu id and an hMenu

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