Please read: Wine(HQ) needs a reorganization (AppDB, Bugzilla, etc.)

David Lee Lambert as4109 at
Tue Jan 17 08:27:29 CST 2006

Joseph Garvin <k04jg02 <at>> writes:

> Tony Lambregts wrote:
> > It's been there a long time...
> >
> >
> >
> > look at [Archive 2]
> Now actually having looked at gmane, I can say that it's not nearly as 
> newb friendly as a real phpBB forum would be -- it wasn't even 
> immediately obvious that I could post replies, and the option is labeled 
> "Followup" a term which no modern forum/bulletin board uses anymore and 
> people won't recognize. [...]

It would be easy to set up a forum for wine-user using phpBB and mail2forum.  
The tricky part would be administration.  A poorly-mintained forum could be a 
point-of-entry for spammers,  and might also encourage people to ask questions 
but never check the response.

> That the World of Warcraft thread in the Gentoo Gamer's and Players 
> forum has become the center for discussion for running WoW under wine 
> for ALL distributions I think says something about the newb friendliness 
> of the mailing lists. [...]

And the AppDB page for WoW has a prominent link to the Wine thread in that 
forum.  Wine is a big project,  and all discussion of it needn't be in one 

There are features that I'd like to see in AppDB, Bugzilla and the lists that 
aren't present,  but at this point we've collected so much information that it 
would be a waste to switch to a different system.  

The one step that I think would help the problem you're trying to address is 
something I've suggested before:  add a permissive "robots.txt" to,  and make the one on "" more open.  That would 
probably lead to fewer duplicate bug-reports as people find similar postings 
using Google or Yahoo.

Incidentally,  I'm posting this via GMane...


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