Invisible fonts - unimplemented SPI_GETFONTSMOOTHINGTYPE

Peter Åstrand astrand at
Thu Jan 19 15:14:14 CST 2006

On Mon, 9 Jan 2006, Peter Åstrand wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Jan 2006, Vik Kumar wrote:
>>>>> Here you go:
>> Indeed this is fixed in CVS HEAD if you set the windows version to
>> win2k. I can see the text output on MFC_GDI_PLUS.exe
> Strange, I wonder what's different with my environment:

Progress: This is a font issue. If I install, my test program correctly 
displays the text! The application "Nya Multigram" also works much better; 
most fonts are now visible (but not all). Now I wonder:

1) Isn't it a bug that Wine fails to display the simple GDI+ text without 
MS font? Shouldn't Wine at least print an error or warning? Should I file 
a bug?

2) How can I determine which fonts are "missing" (what the application 
requires)? I've tried debugging with WINEDEBUG=+font, but cannot find 
anything obvious.

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