winedbg symbols completely screwed

Christer Palm palm at
Thu Jan 19 16:05:13 CST 2006

Eric Pouech wrote:
> Christer Palm wrote:
>> Continuing my debugging efforts, I decided to look some more at the 
>> strange symbols I got in the backtrace.
>> Indeed, it seems like winedbg completely screws up the MFC42 symbols. 
>> For example, by disassembling from the load address of MFC42 I was 
>> able to identify the CString::FreeData() function at 0x5f402125, but 
>> winedbg tells me it's 0x5f445900.
>> Is this a known problem?
> yes, when you have several versions of MFC42.PDB like you seem to do (we 
> don't lookup up for the right one yet)
> A+

The thing is that I can't see that this is the case here. I have:

[palm at localhost ~]$ find ~/.wine/drive_c/ -name "MFC*" -o -name "mfc*"

I have copied those DLL's off a VC++ 6.0 CD:
MFC42.DLL from OS\SYSTEM into windows/system
MFC42.MAP + MFC42.PDB from VC98\DEBUG into the directory I run the 
application from.

Still have the exact same problem...

Christer Palm

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