wine 0.9.5 - segmentation fault with some apps

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        Thanks for the reply.
        I am going to wait for a pre built (RPM package) for wine-0.9.6 
because if I compile I think I can introduce too many variables.
        Anyway, I am goig to report your sugestions with wine 0.9.5 and, 
ASAP, with wine-0.9.6.

> Where can somebody download the application? 
It is a commercial package. It can not be downloaded. Sorry

> Is there a bug report for this application ( 
No. If you guys wish I can do it (just going to wait for wine-0.9.6)

> Just in case, are you installing on a VFAT partition, or on a ext2/ext3 
No windows involved. Just a inside a ext3 partition.

> Have you tried running the installer under winedbg ("winedbg user.exe", 
> then type "cont" at the debug prompt to pass control to the 
> application)? 
Good point!!
I started right now, however the "winedbg user.exe" does not return any 
It seems freezed, waiting for something ....
The processes running are:
    /usr/bin/wine-preloader /usr/bin/wine-pthread winedbg.exe user.exe
I also noticed I can do something like:
       WINEDUBUG=+all winebdg user.exe

Are you interested in the output of the above? Winedbg does not segfault. 
It freezes.

> Your stack trace is missing the callback on where inside 
> wine the fault occurred.
I am sending, attached, all the trace ..... it is not too big but ....
I can notice there are some entries like:
....     __wine_exception_handler ntdll.dll.1009 .....

------------------------- 8< ----------------------
0009:trace:imports:import_dll --- RtlUnicodeToMultiByteSize ntdll.dll.639 
= 0x7bea3670
0009:trace:imports:import_dll --- sprintf ntdll.dll.965 = 0x7bea5464
0009:trace:imports:import_dll --- sscanf ntdll.dll.967 = 0x7bea547c
0009:trace:imports:import_dll --- _strlwr ntdll.dll.912 = 0x7bea48e8
0009:trace:imports:import_dll --- _strupr ntdll.dll.914 = 0x7bea4918
--->> 0009:trace:imports:import_dll --- __wine_exception_handler 
ntdll.dll.1009 = 0x7beb17b0
0009:trace:imports:import_dll --- wine_server_call ntdll.dll.1013 = 
0009:trace:virtual:NtProtectVirtualMemory 0xffffffff 0x7fbf5000 00001000 
0009:trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_SetProt 0x7fbf5000-0x7fbf5fff c-rWx
0009:trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView View: 0x7fb20000 - 0x7fc3ffff (system)
0009:trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x7fb20000 - 0x7fc3ffff c-rWx
0009:trace:module:load_builtin_callback loaded user32.dll 0x7fd849f8 
------------------------- 8< ----------------------

        Wine, in my opinion, is the next step for Linux to take over the 
desktop. It is the only tool that is missing. You guys are doing a great 
job. I am a wine user since 2000.

Ulisses de Sousa Penna
Analista Consultor - Banco do Brasil
Fone: +55-61-3310-6320   Fax: +55-61-3310-6435

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