wine 0.9.6 segfaults (was: Re: wine 0.9.5 - segmentation fault with some apps)

penna at penna at
Fri Jan 20 11:42:39 CST 2006


        Exactly the same problem with wine-0.9.6 (pre-built - downloaded 
from sourceforge) ......
        Wanna trace?

> Is there a bug report for this application ( 
Now, you are going to need? I can do it .... 

> Have you tried running the installer under winedbg ("winedbg user.exe", 
> then type "cont" at the debug prompt to pass control to the 
> application)? 
Same problem here. It freezes waiting for something ...
The processes running are the same:
    /usr/bin/wine-preloader /usr/bin/wine-pthread winedbg.exe user.exe

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