Valgrind and wine (was: re: Bug 4289: Debugging and dissasembly)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Jan 21 07:43:36 CST 2006

> I compiled valgrind 3.1.0 with the above patch applied. I ran Icewind 
> Dale II with valgrind '--trace-children=yes wine IWD2.exe'. It goes on 
> for a short while outputting various errors until it freezes. It locks 
> and I have to reboot the machine. I've tried to output it to a log as 
> well, but the file is empty once I've rebooted, (perhaps the stream 
> doesn't get flushed or whatever).

regarding IWD2:
It may well be that this exhausts your memory, which in most cases 
brings the machine down to its knee

regarding the simple wine run:
- the ld related errors are strange. I'm using ld-2.3.4 which doesn't 
show them. Likely a bug in ld-2.3.5 :-/
- the last errors are expected from vg 3.10 (I have the fixes if someone 
is interested, both for VG and some enhancements to wine)

and BTW, don't expect yet SEH in wine to work with vg

Eric Pouech

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