Mac OS X/Intel port

Phil Krylov phil at
Sun Jan 22 04:47:27 CST 2006

On Sun, 22 Jan 2006 01:12:09 -0600
Chris Campbell <campbell at> wrote:

>    I just recently downloaded the CVS of WINE and tried to build it  
> on an Apple Intel machine.  I ran into some problems during the build  
> and fixed them.  I then got to the server and the build quit on  
> context_i386.c.  There is nothing in that file that handles darwin/ 
> Mac OS X.  It looks like the ptrace functionality (GETREGS, etc) that  
> is used on Linux and FreeBSD is not present in the xnu kernel...
>    I would like to get WINE working on x86 OS X.  Can anyone tell me  
> who is working on this?  I would like to help with this effort.

Please also have a look at and subscribe to
the darwine-devel mailing list there.

-- Ph.

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