Golden apps?

Joseph Garvin k04jg02 at
Sun Jan 22 11:01:29 CST 2006

James Trotter wrote:

> What is it, really, that causes the movies to play so slowly?

AFAIK, all Blizzard games use Bink. In WoW the speed of video playback 
I've noticed is very dependent on audio performance. When the ALSA 
driver improved, the cinematics got noticeably less choppier for me 
(can't remember when that happened, back around 0.9.0). They're still 
not as smooth as they should be now though so I'm not sure.

Someone more curious about speeding things up can download the 
standalone windows bink player from there and put the war3/d2 cinematics 
through it (you may need to extract them from an MPQ first, google for 
mpq extractors). This way you could know if the video performance is due 
to something specific to the games.

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