Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Mon Jan 23 11:49:59 CST 2006

Hello Uwe,

Monday, January 23, 2006, 4:23:17 AM, you wrote:
> Hallo again,
> I don't expect Jtagserver to actually work, it requires some driver to
> access Jtag programming hardware connected somwhow to the PC e.g via the
> parallel port. But I would appreciate if jtagserver would either exit
> gracefully or otherwise communicate as expected with the rest of the suite
> to let quartus finally start up...

> Bye

Well I found the problem:
0009:Call kernel32.CreateEventW(00000000,00000001,00000000,7fd1e9a8 L"__wineservice_JTAGServer") ret=7f9ac9e0
0009: create_event( access=001f0003, attributes=000000c0, rootdir=0x50, manual_reset=1, initial_state=0, name=L"__wineservice_JTAGServer" )
0009: create_event() = 0 { handle=0x58 }

000c:Call kernel32.CreateEventW(00000000,00000001,00000000,7fcfe9a0 L"__wineservice_Altera JTAG Server") ret=7f98c9e0
000c: create_event( access=001f0003, attributes=000000c0, rootdir=0x4c, manual_reset=1, initial_state=0, name=L"__wineservice_Altera JTAG Server" )
000c: create_event() = 0 { handle=0x50 }

It looks like we are using different names when we creating this events.
There is nothing wrong with operation timing out. We actually waiting
on either process exit (service) or signaled event ^. We don't get
either and timing out (in service_start_process).

So all you need to figure out why are we using wrong service name <g>

So in the end service could work.


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