Winhelp - Derive 6

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Jan 23 14:33:05 CST 2006

> Is winhelp supposed to be able to handle these help files?  It is listed in the
> appdb as gold-supported.
no. basically, the external DLL registers back into winhelp to get some 
extended support that we don't provide yet. Basically, most of the core 
logic is here, but we have to wrap it into the APIs designed for those 
winhelp plugin DLLs. You also it some bugs in the decompression scheme 
for help files. Basically, all of this is rather low priority, but if 
someone wants to jump in, I can boot strap him on those issues.

> There are several other errors I see using derive, but I will have to do some
> more research.  An easy bug is probably that the user just gets a black window
> after clicking on "about wine".
may be linked to the external DLL required for some action here.

Eric Pouech

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