LostWages: remove third party downloads section from our download page

Jim White jim at pagesmiths.com
Mon Jan 23 21:18:44 CST 2006

Brian Vincent wrote:

> Along similar lines, do we want to add a link for MacOS X going to the 
> Darwine page?  It appears they're tracking our releases, at least for 
> PPC.  It might clear up some of the questions coming to wine-devel about 
> whether Wine will be supported.

There is a pointer to Darwine in the FAQ, but folks would be more likely 
to find it on the download page.  But I don't know whether that is 
really a good idea since Darwine is primarily a developer forum.  Before 
too long there will be a Wine for Intel/Mac OS X/X11 release and I 
expect that would be supported in the same fashion as other platforms on 
winehq (the key factor probably being that a maintainer needs to 
volunteer).  Darwine would still be the place to go for developmental 
things like PPC and Quartz.

Jim White

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